Member nations that are in the League of Micronations, including data and links to those nations.
Where non-members may apply to join the League of Micronations and gain more information on joining
For gaining information on the League of Micronations, what it stands for, and what it is trying to achive
The law and rules of the League of Micronations contained inside the League of Micronations Charter.
For use to contact the League of Micronations at any stage needed.
The League of Micronations is open to "...all the nations that accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and which, in the judgment of the League, are able and willing to carry out these obligations..." (League of Micronations Charter, Article 3a). The League of Micronations does not accept applicants who do not have an Internet homepage, exist for purely commercial reasons, contain pornographic material, promote hacking or other illegal activities, or are racist or hate sites (League of Micronations Charter, Article 3d).
If your site meets these criteria, you may apply to join the League of Micronations by sending an email with the subject "Application to Join the League of Micronations" to the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General then forwards the email to the General Assembly for voting.
Applications should contain as much of the following in order to increase chances of acceptance. Applications without the first three points will result in automatic rejection.
1. Applying country's name
2. URL
3. Email address
4. Head of State's name
5. Description
6. What the applicant can offer to the League of Micronations
7. When the country was founded
8. What type of government the applicant has
9. Any further comments

The General Assembly spends approximately one week considering each applicant through debate. After a week, a vote is held on the applicant.
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